Wonderland Cave SD





Open May 1st 2024 –  Start the Top of Your Summer Vacation Under the Ground!

Wonderland Cave deserves a 5 star rating without a doubt! This place is simply magical, with amazing natural formations that will take your breath away. Our tour guide was a friendly and very knowledgeable girl, which made the experience even more enriching.

The cavern itself is a treasure, with really beautiful rocks and tunnels that transport you to another world. Although there is a short unpaved stretch on the road to get to the site, I assure you it is worth every step. The beauty you will find inside is simply unmatched.

In addition, the gift store at Wonderland Cave offers a unique variety of rocks and details. It’s the perfect place to find special souvenirs or for those geology enthusiasts who want to expand their mineral collection. You will be impressed by the diversity and quality of the products available.

In short, visiting Wonderland Cave is an unforgettable experience. From the magic of the place and the amazing natural formations, to the friendliness and knowledge of the tour guide, the beautiful rocks and fascinating tunnels, and the opportunity to take home unique treasures from the gift store, this destination is simply exceptional. Don’t hesitate to visit and immerse yourself in the wonder it has to offer.
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